Dear Members,

The 2019 competition will soon be upon us. Melville Glades will again field 4 ball match play teams in three separate divisions (Black, Red and Yellow) in the southern region. To qualify, members must be a minimum of 55 years of age before the first round.

Each team will comprise 5 pairs of players plus reserves, with matches played off handicap over 18 holes. The 6 round competition commences on April 8 and the final qualifying match before the finals will be on May 20. Matches are to be played on a “home and away” basis.

On February 18 a nomination sheet will be posted on the notice board within the Men’s change rooms. It will remain available until March 5.

Please take the time to complete the nomination form carefully.

Players with previous experience are asked to wear their Pennant shirt from last season, as there will be no change in design. New players will need to list their required shirt size, which will be provided by the club.

Following the nomination process, teams will be selected for each division. Around mid March (date to be confirmed) a general meeting will be held at the club to discuss playing regulations and the competition schedule. Team members will also be detailed and appointment of captains confirmed.

We look forward to an enjoyable and successful season.

Should you have any questions in the meantime please contact:

Ray Hince
Mobile 0488288377