Today the Australian Chief Health Officer made an important public update and undoubtedly each day going forward there will be more important updates.

The essence of today’s announcement was that “social distancing and hand hygiene is really important to prevent and delay transmission”….

“But be clear, a short -term 2-4-week shutdown of society is NOT recommended by any of our experts. It does not achieve anything.”

“We have to be in it for the long haul, it could be 6 months or more…”

“measures have to be sustainable but serious”

“it is every individuals responsibility to adhere to the measures put in place”

Members should be aware that the General Manager met with the Board yesterday afternoon to discuss our COVID 19 plan and to approve immediate changes to policies and procedures within the Club. The changes being implemented will be outlined via e-news (Content of E-news COVID 180320) coupled with notifications on the noticeboards around the Club. We continue to review all our practices while the Club remains open and prepare contingency plans if the call was made to shut down immediately.

It was agreed by the Board that we will take immediate action to shut down the Club if and when we are advised to do so by our governing body i.e. Golf Australia or Golf WA OR from the Government OR if we are advised of a staff member, a Club member ,guest or contractor testing positive for COVID 19.

Closing the club is the last resort and our plan is business as usual with sensible modifications put in place to the way we go about doing things during these uncertain times.

An announcement regarding the AGM will be made in the coming days.

Please make sure you do your bit to help mitigate the risk by following all the “good hygiene” and “stop the spread” tips that have been highly publicised.

Thank you for your co operation and understanding as we work together to keeps us all healthy and able to continue to enjoy our Golf game.

Sue Quinones
Club President

Matt Espie
General Manager

18 March 2020