Fellow members

It has been great for us all to get back to the club, practicing and playing golf, and there are many of us, old members and new, enjoying the opportunity.

As you know, due to the COVID 19 restrictions, we have not had sand buckets or bunker rakes on the course for some time. We are still without bunker rakes, however, the pro shop did recently hand out sand buckets to individuals for “personal” use. From my observations of the course unfortunately there are a lot of people not using those buckets or they have forgotten their responsibilities as players, to care for the course. There are far too many divot marks appearing on the course and around the practice chipping area that have not been cared for.

Above is an example of eleven divot marks a player has left unrepaired, just short of the first green, after they finished practicing their pitch shots.

A course committee member repaired the mess and took the picture. There is a rule in place of maximum of 2 balls only to be used during practice and I am speechless that someone can walk off after creating 11 divots. I am sure many members would join me in the disappointment felt at seeing the course being abused by a minority of members.

We must stamp this behaviour out, and I ask that all members take a leadership role in course care and ensure every member does the right thing.

Ray Hince
Director of Course