Dear members

Earlier this week I undertook an inspection of every bunker on the course with our Course Superintendent Dane McBride. Our intention was to review all the entry points ensuring they were safe enough to allow all members easy access.

As a result we have created a work schedule for adjustments to be made to many of the deeper bunkers around the course. This work includes the addition of sand to some bunkers to flatten the base; the lowering and relaying of turf in some areas; the movement of some rake positions that will indicate new entry points and the introduction of new turf tongues to some bunkers.

I am pleased to advise that Dane and his crew have already undertaken some of the corrective work and on behalf of membership I would like to thank the team for moving so quickly to improve our playing facilities.

In the coming weeks I am sure you will see the minor works being completed and as a result, making our way in and out of the bunkers more easy.

Ray Hince
Director of Course