• Ladies Club Championships:       Will be played as per the scheduled fixtures commencing on the 11th The final game will be played on 20th August followed by our Championship Dinner.  The entry forms will be available later this week and information regarding the dinner menu will be forthcoming.
  • Silver Spoons:   The number of silver spoon events have been reduced to 2 games (9, 30 July).  If you have paid the GWA fee to enter into the interclub competition and, due to the modified fixtures you would like your money refunded, please notify Julie Davies and Shirley VanderBrugghen.  You would still be eligible to win a MGGC Silver Spoon but not the GWA Silver Spoon.
  • Donated Trophies:     Due to the reduced number of events for the 2020 season there will be no donated trophies on Thursdays.  Winners and good scores will be awarded club vouchers as per the intraclub formula which is based on the number of entries for each competition.  We ask those members who kindly offered to donate a trophy for 2020 agree to carry their donation forward to the 2021 season.   The only exception is the 2 games in early March (prior to the Covid-19 restrictions) where the winners have already been allocated a donated trophy.
  • Prize Allocation:    In accordance with the club match proposal and board approval, all events at MGGC will be awarded vouchers based on the number of entrants for each event.  This means that both the ladies and men competitions are calculated the same.
  • Remaining Fixtures for 2020:    We have had to make some changes to events scheduled for the remainder of the year.  Each month we will post an update on the web for events, a copy of which will be placed on the board in the locker room.  We thank you for your understanding of the changes we have had to make.

Social Events

  • High Tea:           Thursday 23rd July, commencing from 1.30pm.


Scones, Sandwich fingers, petite cakes, Bite size savouries and unlimited loose leaf  Teas and filtered coffee

Bookings must be made via the function tab and must be pre-paid prior to the event

  • Club Championship Dinner: Thursday 20th August

Charity for 2020

Native Arc is our nominated charity for 2020.  Although our fund raising has been curtailed somewhat by Covid-19 our goal is to continue to raise some money over the rest of the season.  We will be having a couple of $100 boards over the coming months and what was originally fixtured as our Open Charity Day (Oct 22nd) has now been modified to Mixed Charity Day for MGGC.  Although this will be a mainly intraclub event, providing restrictions are not tightened up, guests should still be able to play.  We will still have our market stalls and some hampers for raffles but in a reduced capacity.  Thanks must go to Sue Moses, Chris Orr, Cheryl Groves and Jeannie Barrie for stepping up to the plate and volunteering to be an integral part of this fund raising effort.  I ask that you support the efforts of the Charity Committee and the Ladies Committee in our fund raising efforts.

Native Arc have informed us that they are now back to some normality themselves.  You will find baskets in the ladies locker room for the sundry donations of items to help them in the day to day care of injured wildlife.

Jenny Marsh
Director Lady members