Dear members

What a challenging year it has been for all of us, and clearly we still face many of those challenges.

Earlier this year our club was forced into closure due to the impact of COVID-19. It was decided during this time that as we still had Course Staff available to us we would use the time constructively to undertake some major maintenance on the course whilst players were absent. This involved heavy coring and sanding of the greens and the removal of some large pine trees. The early coring of greens has provided us with better putting surfaces during the winter months so proved to be a worthwhile endeavour.

It was hoped that undertaking this work during the COVID-19 closure would allow us to avoid closing the course in late October, the time when we normally would undertake our annual maintenance program. Each year we close the course to play for 3.5 days on average, to undertake the coring of all greens, greens surrounds, tee boxes and the verti-cutting of all fairways.

Unfortunately it has become apparent that in the interests of providing the best possible playing conditions throughout next spring, summer and autumn we will need to do some additional necessary maintenance.

This work will include the verti-cutting of all fairways (undertaken by a contacting firm), potentially the coring of tee boxes, bunker maintenance and some tree work for the removal of dangerous limbs. In addition the greens will get a mini coring and a light sanding only, so will recover much quicker than normal.

With the planned work being of a lesser level than normal the course will only be closed to play for 2 days (Monday October 26 and Tuesday October 27, 2020).

We appreciate this has been a very disruptive year for the lovers of golf and we would not do anything to further inconvenience our members unless it was of great importance.

Many hands make light work I am told so I am hopeful that many of you will volunteer some time over the 2 days to help bring the course and clubhouse up to the standards we all enjoy.

Thank you for your understanding

Ray Hince
Director of Course