Many of you would have noticed our course staff out recently digging trenches on the course and laying new reticulation. As you would be aware, we have a very “aged” reticulation system at MGGC. Together with the ongoing repair work our team is forced to undertake we are also still looking to get the best water coverage possible from the system we have.

Situations change on course over the years, necessitating alterations, to ensure we continue to get water to the areas we need it. The new modifications are designed to get additional water supply to playing areas that are not growing to the standard we would like. We expect to see good improvement from these activities over the rest of the turf growing season; once again improving the playing conditions for our members.

I thank our course staff for this additional activity and ask that all members respect and steer clear of the newly created GUR areas to assist in the recovery of the turf.

Ray Hince
Director of Course