Thank you to all the members who attended the Special General Meeting 24th October 2019. We easily achieved the number required for a quorum with 152 eligible voting members present. There were 198 absentee votes received thus the total votes counted being 350.

The combined result provided to the meeting by our scrutineers was 339 For, 10 Against and 1 Abstain thus the 75 per cent of the vote required to pass the Special Resolution was exceeded with 96.86 per cent recorded in favour of the Resolution.

For this significant change to the MGGC membership structure to be so favourably endorsed by the membership is just reward for all those involved in the process and consequently several groups are to be thanked for their contribution.

Firstly, thank you to all the members who took the time to formally submit their ideas for a new membership model. Secondly, to the MMC for all the hours put into reviewing the submissions and following a process with due rigour to enable a robust model being put forward to the members for their consideration. Thirdly, to the Foundation Members who continue to support and encourage positive change to help ensure their beloved Club survives into the foreseeable future.  Fourthly, to the CRC Chaired by Dale Davies, Marco Cheng -Curtin University Law Intern and Jess Spencer for checking the documentation. And, finally, to our GM Matt Espie and the Board who have questioned and re questioned and re questioned the MMC re the proposal prior to the Special Resolution being put forward to the members.

Our focus remains the same, namely financial sustainability, retention of current members and attracting new members.

We have recognised the shifts in consumer preferences relating to club membership and flexibility of playing/paying arrangements and we now have a membership structure that we can offer in 2020 that will better meet the market.

The hard work of selling our new model begins and we need everyone on board to help spread the word regarding MGGC’s new options for 2020.