Due to COVID -19 restrictions we have been forced to adjourn the AGM until such time as we can safely hold the meeting. Under the Incorporations Act we have a 6-month window from the close of our financial year to hold the AGM. Whilst our ‘rules’ as per the Constitution do not state this timeframe, I am sure all members at this time of uncertainty will support the Board’s decision to adjourn the meeting to a date yet to be determined.
We have received advice from Club’s WA that the Board can continue to operate in their current roles in these exceptional circumstances despite the Club’s Constitution determining the tenure and election process of officers to the Board not the Act. When the AGM is ultimately held, only the matters that would have been covered at the 26th March 2020 meeting, had it been held, will form the content of the meeting. In the event that the adjournment due to COVID -19 extends beyond the 6 months under the Act we can apply to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety for a further extension.

Please be assured that the Board will continue to perform its role in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws and that we will update members as soon as practicable of any instances whereby we can not meet our obligations.

Again, the Board and Management thank you for your understanding as we continue to work through all the issues that have arisen due to COVID-19.