Things are changing on a very regular basis and we have received a number of updates today from Government and Governing Bodies. With these updates in mind Melville Glades Golf Club will be implementing the following:

  1. The Clubhouse capacity following the new directive from the Government to ensure 4 square metres per person will be 67 people. Staff will strictly monitor this.
  2. The steel paddles used to select partners within groups are being removed from tees. Members should choose partners in a way they are comfortable with.
  3. The public water fountains on course and around the Clubhouse will be switched off as we can’t effectively sanitise them. Please ensure you have enough fluids before heading onto the course.
  4. A number of local rules recommended by the R&A and Golf Australia will be implemented effective Saturday 21 March.
  5. Effective from 12:01am, Wednesday 25 March, Melville Glades Golf Club course and clubhouse will be closed to non-members. This means that member MUST NOT invite guests to play golf or attend the Club, all reciprocal guests and prior bookings will be advised of this .


Players MAY enter their own hole scores on the scorecard (it is not necessary for a marker to do it). It is not necessary to have a marker physically certify the player’s hole scores, but some form of verbal certification MUST take place at a minimum.

Players MUST leave the flagstick in the hole at all times with the ball to be carefully removed so as not to damage the hole. The penalty for breach of this local rule is a 1 (one) Stroke penalty.

Rakes will be removed from the course. Members MAY take a preferred lie when in a bunker, ONLY WHEN the ball’s lie is impacted by foot prints or markings left by another player, by dropping their ball using the relief process outlined in rule 16.1c. Members are asked to smooth the area of play as best they can using their feet.

At this stage the committee has opted not to introduce any further local rules related to COVID-19 however may do so in due course.

All the Government advice and recommendations remain in place. It is up to each and every individual to make an informed choice re coming to the club. If you are not prepared to adhere to the mandatory requirements than DO NOT come to the Club.

Matt Espie, General Manager
Sue Quinones, Club President