We would like to thank members for their understanding as the situation at the Club continues to change. It is unfortunate but we are all in the same boat and if we all paddle in the same direction we will move forwards and not spin in circles.

The latest advice received today from our governing bodies is this:

“The playing of golf can continue provided the social distancing measures are in place. All licensed clubhouses should be immediately closed, with no food or beverage service taking place. Clubs should not provide any seated areas.

It is important that golf clubs and facilities adhere to these restrictions to ensure golf can continue to be played and is not seen as flouting the restrictions in place for other businesses.”

Further to this advice we have been told that the Club is NOT allowed to sell take-away alcohol. We will also be unable to provide take away food other than what is currently available in the Pro Shop as we don’t have an appropriate setup to do so.

Competition and social golf will still be happening while we are allowed to do so.

Extra measures that have been taken have been:

  1. The removal of all towels and common items from locker rooms – we encourage members to store all items in their lockers and not leave them lying around.
  2. The removal of outdoor tables however chairs will be stacked and accessible if members need a seat (remember your social distancing and keep 1 person per 4 square metre).
  3. No more than 4 people are allowed in the Pro Shop at a time.

REMINDER – Starting tomorrow there are to be no visitors at the Club. If you have a visitor booked in please advise them of this as their names will be removed from time sheets.

The AGM will be going ahead as advised yesterday outside the Clubhouse at 7pm on Thursday 26 March – as there will be voting done members are asked to bring their own pens for health and safety reasons.

As always we will update members when the situation updates and new advice comes to hand. Happy golfing!

Matt Espie, General Manager
Sue Quinones, Club President