2020 had commenced extremely well for MGGC. After reporting a nett surplus of $89K in 2019 we had managed to keep our financial position solid for January and February 2020 with our nett position $44K better at the close of February 2020 than at the same time in 2019.

As at the 22nd February 2020 we had achieved the baseline number (749) of members used in the modelling phase of our new membership structure. Today, 25th March 2020 we have 763 ordinary and restricted members which clearly indicates that we were heading in the right direction. These numbers coupled with other membership categories and our 21 trial members are positive signs for the Club. The Club also has several membership applications for commencement in April and enquiries from members of other Clubs who are assessing their membership options.

We had also made some headway as regards our Food and Beverage offer to members with the fantastic addition of Chef George to our team.

Then came along COVID -19 and all our hard work to get the Club back on track has taken a very hard hit. However, the hardest hit is to our hard-working staff.

Our subscriptions for the most part finance course and administration expenses whereas revenue from F&B and external functions fund our F&B team. Without ongoing F&B revenue we sadly have had to make some difficult decisions regarding our staffing structures and Stand Down many permanent and casual staff not only in F&B, but across all areas of the Club to protect our financial viability. These staff have NOT been retrenched or terminated and will be able to access accrued holiday leave, long service leave and any welfare benefits being offered by the Government.

Our number one priority is the health and well-being of our staff as it is their livelihoods at stake. Our next priority is the health and well being of our members remembering we have an option as to whether we choose to continue to play golf, or not, in these uncertain times.

At times like this it is important that we all stay connected. The Board and Management are working diligently on contingency plans should we be required to go into total lock down.

We are communicating as timely and effectively as we can with information from all the sources available to us but as you all must appreciate monitoring the frequent changes presents a challenge in itself.

Golf WA, Golf Australia and Clubs WA have provided guidance and valuable information as regards keeping golf operations open. MGGC will and MUST comply with any Government directive and currently members must adhere to the self – distancing rules and refrain from visiting the Club if you have any health issues.

Finally, I sincerely thank members for their ongoing support and when we get through this extraordinary set of circumstances we can reboot and get back on our upward trend again.

Stay safe, keep healthy and keep in touch (not literally) with your family and friends.

25 March 2020