Well fellow members it is that time of the year again when we have to take actions to protect areas prone to heavy traffic due to the colder damper conditions. I am sure you will have noticed the introduction of roped off areas and other means of redirecting traffic away from areas prone to bad wear and tear. All members are asked to respect these barriers in the interest of keeping our course conditions playable.

In addition we have reintroduced “Blue Control Line” concept around the greens. Unfortunately I have seen these markings being ignored by a number of players recently so I thought it would be timely to remind members of how the lines work.

This line indicates the limit as to how close motorised carts are allowed to the greens. So if using a cart please ensure you remain outside the single Blue Lines at all times without exception.

These lines are designed to protect areas around the green that are subject to particularly bad wear and tear. No traffic, either carts or hand pulled or electric buggies are to be taken past Double Blue Lines.

We realise that this will result in players having to walk a little farther than normal, but in doing so we are able protect the playing surface, which is the main objective.

I thank you for your ongoing support in caring for our course during the winter months.

Ray Hince