Dear members,

It has been a good year for course development and improvement, with our staff undertaking a number of projects including bunker improvements, redevelopment of the 4th hole and completion of a new practice pitching area.

We have two final pieces of work for the calendar year 2020 that will soon commence.

As we have been experiencing water problems on some of our paths we will be rebuilding the pathways on holes 1, 7 and 16. Hole 1 needs improvement in its appearance, as it is one of the first impressions a player gets of our course. Holes 7 and 16 have developed large water catchment areas that make them impossible to use. They will be rebuilt with built in sloping to allow water to run off.

Our final piece of approved work is on the third hole.

For some time we have suffered a problem with water soaking the front left hand area of the green which has then been further impacted by heavy traffic from players walking between the left hand bunker and the green. Our plan here is to install subterranean drainage pipes for the ground water to seep into and help dry out the ground to improve growing conditions.

We will also be reducing the size of the bunker on the left hand side of the green and moving it in closer to the edge of the putting surface on the left hand front corner of the green, making the bunker more visible from the fairway when playing approach shots to the green. This has been the consistent design approach for all bunkers rebuilt on the course over the last 3 years or so.

The old larger bunker area will be reshaped and turfed into a grass hollow.

We expect the above works will be completed before our annual maintenance period in late October and are confident they will further enhance the playing conditions and enjoyment of Melville Glades Golf Club.

Happy golfing.

Ray Hince
Director of Course