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February Course Report

Members would have noticed work being undertaken on our fairways in the last week. This work is necessary to ensure we achieve the best possible turf growing conditions through to the end of the growing season, ensuring our fairways are … Read More

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Preferred Lies on Scarified Fairways. A ball lying on a fairway that has been scarified may be lifted without penalty and cleaned. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, it must be placed … Read More

Dear Members, The Course Team are working hard during the lockdown period to keep the course looking great. We hope that members will be able to enjoy their efforts when the lockdown is lifted! Please see the below document provided … Read More

Course Report January 2021

Many of you would have noticed our course staff out recently digging trenches on the course and laying new reticulation. As you would be aware, we have a very “aged” reticulation system at MGGC. Together with the ongoing repair work … Read More

Fellow members It has come to my attention that there are some amongst us who do not show the necessary care for our local residents here at Melville Glades. Our kangaroo population has historically been and will continue to be … Read More

The background to the recent trials of ball lifters being used on the course was that we observed an increase in the level of damage occurring to hole edges during play. this problem has been evident since the introduction of … Read More

Dear members To keep all informed I wish to provide an update on what has been happening on the course of late. Christmas has proved to be a challenging time for us indeed. With a string of high temperatures … Read More