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That is what we are starting to become used to and I have to start by thanking all those who have played so far this week. Everyone who has attended the Club for their round of exercise has followed the … Read More

It has been a tough 3 weeks since we closed the course to everyone at 6pm on Friday 27th March and we thank the membership for their acceptance and patience as the Board and Management have been continually reviewing the published … Read More

COVID-19 data and new modelling suggests Australia’s physical isolation measures are working but we need to be in it for the long-haul which means our isolation regime is a marathon, not a sprint. Today, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Professor Brett … Read More

Fellow Members I am writing to everyone to let you know – “we have a plan”. Our Club has potentially averted a Health Crisis by closing the Course, now we need to avert a potential Financial Crisis. Our President has … Read More

The golfing landscape continues to change daily throughout Australia despite COVID-19 remaining a genuine threat to all of us. Many golf clubs around the nation have either re-opened or are considering doing so after a relaxing by some states of … Read More

Hi everyone, I sincerely hope you are all well and managing to keep active, both mentally and physically, as all of us adapt to the new norm. That said, I do know of some Members who have preexisting medical conditions … Read More

As you are all aware the Club has been receiving and imparting advice on a regular basis from the Federal and State Governments and the Club Board and Management have at all stages complied with this advice. Current advice has … Read More


With the speed and constant changes over the last week or so there is no doubt a lot of members out there that will be asking – what next? Below are a couple of items that … Read More

2020 had commenced extremely well for MGGC. After reporting a nett surplus of $89K in 2019 we had managed to keep our financial position solid for January and February 2020 with our nett position $44K better at the close of … Read More

We would like to thank members for their understanding as the situation at the Club continues to change. It is unfortunate but we are all in the same boat and if we all paddle in the same direction we will … Read More